Are YSS shocks any good? (2023)

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Are YSS shock absorbers any good?

They are a popular choice when it comes to replacing the poor quality, built to a budget OEM units fitted to the majority of bikes. All YSS products have a two-year manufacturer warranty and are great value for money.

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Where are YSS shocks made?

Quality. All YSS shock absorbers are designed, manufactured and tested at the YSS factory in Thailand, by a team of 270+ knowledgeable and innovative staff.

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How do you adjust the YSS rear suspension?

There is a rebound knob at the base of the YSS shock (pic 1). You can adjust rebound to the maximum 30 clicks. Turning the knob to the left (counter clockwise) to reduce rebound damping When you turn the knob, you can hear and feel noticeable “CLICK” . It is easy to repeat settings.

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Is coil or air shock better?

Coil shocks are generally more sensitive (easier for it to compress and rebound) than their respective air shocks because there are fewer seals in the system, therefore there is less force required to get the shock moving. Because of this, coil shocks tend to provide more traction and a unique feel.

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Are air forks better than coil?

If you ride cross country, stick with air forks - they are easier to use, and provide good performance across all but the extremes. If your bike takes some big hits and impacts, use a coil fork - they are stronger and you cannot beat the coil setup for bigger hits.

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How do I choose motorcycle shocks?

How to choose the right Progessive Motorcycle Shocks - YouTube

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Which shocks give the smoothest ride?

The smoothest riding shocks you can get would be ones identical or nearly identical to factory tuning, typically something like the Bilstein B4 series, KYB Excel-G Series, or Monroe OE Spectrum. All of these have the most forgiving valving for road handling and comfort.

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Are stiffer shocks better?

The stiffer the shock, the slower the spring will move up and down. Over-damped: Shocks that are too stiff won't even let your springs compress all the way and will cause your tires to skip or bounce across the road. You'll look equally ridiculous here only with a whole lot less traction.

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What is the average life of a shock absorber?

The life expectancy of Shock absorbers is at least 4 to 5 years. But, it actually depends on the road conditions. The lifespan can extend to even 10 years if you drive the car mostly on smooth roads. Similarly, it can be shorter than 5 years if you mostly drive on uneven roads filled with cracks, bumps or potholes.

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Is a coil shock better for heavier riders?

Yes, coil shocks are better for heavy riders. They make it easy for your biking on bumpy or cracked roads. The coil shocks generally hit large jumps along with rock gardens too.

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Are coil shocks good for trail riding?

The coil shock is excellent because of its low maintenance burden and ability to deliver absolutely consistent performance in heavy terrain. Plus there are no air seals to worry about or replace. A coil spring doesn't suffer performance fatigue.

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Can you replace Air Ride shocks with regular shocks?

So Yes, you can put regular struts on an air ride yukon. But note; It's not all that easy to replace the air ride suspension with regular shocks.

Are YSS shocks any good? (2023)
Which is better air or spring suspension?

The conclusion: Air-ride suspension is not superior to spring ride. Not only are air-ride suspensions more expensive to purchase and maintain, which could translate to inflated expense to the shipper, but more importantly, they do not guarantee superior ride quality.

Can you convert coil forks to air?

So, going back to the original question of whether you can change from coil to air: for the vast majority of suspension brands that we're familiar with, the simple answer is no… sorry. With the exception of the Ohlins RXF 36 coil, where the air spring is enclosed within a separate cartridge inside the fork leg.

Are air shocks any good?

The biggest advantage of air suspension systems is their ability to vary ride height with the flick of a switch. This capability makes them one of the most versatile suspension systems on the market, even more so than coil over shock absorbers.

Is front or rear suspension more important motorcycle?

Front suspension is valuable to every mountain biker. The shock absorption from the forks means the front wheel stays in contact with the ground and enables the rider to turn the bike effectively. Rear suspension makes a bike more comfortable but is less important than forks for most people.

When should motorcycle shocks be replaced?

You may notice that your motorcycle starts to swerve when you applying the brakes. Worn shock absorbers could cause your bike to swerve as well as making an unusual knocking sound in the process. If you notice any unfamiliar movements or sounds, then it could be time to get your shock absorbers replaced.

How can I make my motorcycle suspension softer?

How to adjust your motorcycle's rear suspension springs for pre-load

Which is better gas or oil shocks?

Having nitrogen gas is what allows the oil to flow back into the chambers more quickly, making all-wheel grip much greater in extreme situations, such as going through sharp corners at very high speeds. In fact, gas shocks are perfect for driving on very rough terrain.

Is monotube better than twin tube?

When it comes to performance, custom feel, and all-out repeatability and reliability, monotube shocks are superior because: Better damping force. Better heat dissipation. The free-floating piston stop the gas and oil from mixing.

How do you know if shock absorbers are good?

The usual way to test a shock absorber is to push down on a corner of the vehicle a few times to get it to bounce and then stop pushing and see how much it continues to bounce before stopping. A good shock absorber should stop the bouncing right away.

What happens if suspension is too stiff?

Stiffer shock rates slow spring movements, while a softer shock rate allows the spring to move faster. If a shock is too stiff, it can cause the tire contact patch to bounce off the road surface over bumps, making your car or bike feel less predictable. If this is happening, you'll need to soften your shocks.

What happens if suspension is too soft?


A softly sprung car will tend to lean and roll more, especially if the driver takes higher cornering speeds. As a result, the entire vehicle feels like it is “wallowing” and unresponsive.

Which car has best suspension in the world?

Best car suspension for bumpy roads
  • Mercedes C-Class.
  • Land Rover Defender.
  • Volkswagen Golf.
  • Citroen C3.
  • Lexus UX.
  • Jaguar XF.
  • Tesla Model S.
  • Hyundai i10.
30 Sept 2021

Should you replace shock absorbers in pairs?

Your shock absorbers work in pairs, so ideally, replacing both of them should be carried out at the same time. However, if one has broken, or is severely damaged, you could consider replacing only the damaged side.

Should I replace front and rear shocks at the same time?

Just like replacing your brakes or tires, you should replace your shocks in pairs. However, you don't need to replace the front and rear shocks at the same time. As long as you replace both fronts or both rears at the same time, you'll be fine.

Can struts last 200 000 miles?


Like brakes and tires, the life span of these suspension parts can depend on the quality of the roads where you drive. How often: Shocks and struts can last 80,000 miles or more, but rough roads and aggressive driving can make them wear out faster.

Is 300 psi shock pump enough?

For most shocks and forks the 300 pump is all that's necessary.

Are coil shocks better for heavy riders?

Yes, coil shocks are better for heavy riders. They make it easy for your biking on bumpy or cracked roads. The coil shocks generally hit large jumps along with rock gardens too.

How do I choose rear shocks?

Which rear shock is right for you? If you are looking to replace or upgrade your rear shock your choice will largely be determined by two things – sizing (i.e. the stroke and eye-to-eye length of the shock, in order to fit your particular frame) and spring type (air-sprung or coil-sprung).

Which Indian bike has best suspension?

Many bikers also consider the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V as the best shock absorber bike in India with a 200cc engine displacement.
Best 200cc Bikes for Indian Roads.
ModelHornet 2.0
Approximate Ex-Showroom PriceINR 1.32 lakhs
Engine Displacement184.4cc
Average Mileage5 km/liter
7 more columns

Can you pump Tyres with shock pump?

Simply pump up your shocks to satisfaction then twist the lower end of the canister to unlock the extra capacity mechanism. Then pump the extra capacity mechanism while holding the pump handle to quickly pump up your tyres.

Do you need a shock pump for forks?

The answer is yes. A special shock pump is needed for properly adjusting an air shock. Unlike regular tire pumps, shock pumps are an instrument of precision. They inject a tiny amount of air into the chamber of a shock and increase the pressure to very high levels.

What is the best mountain bike shock pump?

The best mountain bike shock pump models include:
  • Fox High-Pressure Shock Pump – Best Overall.
  • RockShox High-Pressure Shock Pump.
  • Fox Racing Shox Digital Pump – Best Digital Mountain Bike Shock Pump.
  • Topeak Pocketshock DXG Pump.
  • Birzman Zacoo Macht Shock Pump – Lightest Mountain Bike Shock Pump.
20 Jun 2022

Do you need to service coil shocks?

Maintenance. Fewer seals mean coil shocks generally require less maintenance and aren't as affected by dirt, dust, and grime. Most coil shock manufacturers recommend a rebuild every 12 months. Though it's not recommended, many recreational riders go several seasons without rebuilding their coil shock.

Are Cane Creek shocks any good?

Although pricy, the Cane Creek DB Air CS is a premium rear shock for riders who want premium performance from their suspension. It's a great way to make your bike stand out from the majority of others that are specced with Fox or RockShox suspension, but the bottom line is that it's a notably great feeling rear shock.

Can I change my air suspension to coil springs?

Converting from Air Suspension to Coil Spring Conversion - YouTube

What shock size do I need?

How To Measure Shock Length - Summit Racing Quick Flicks

What shock spring rate do I need?

What Spring Rate Do I Need? - QA1 Quick Tip - YouTube

How do I know what size rear shock I need?

The most accurate method for shock measurement:
  1. Measure the eye to eye length.
  2. Attach a shock pump and slowly remove all the air from the shock.
  3. Compress the shock fully and measure the eye to eye length again.
  4. Subtract this measurement from the initial eye to eye length to find the usable stroke. (ie. 185 - 132.5 = 52.5)
21 Oct 2020

Which bike is best for back pain?

Best Commuter Bikes for Avoiding Back Pain
BrandModelEngine Displacement
HeroSplendor Plus97.2cc
BajajPlatina 100102cc
3 more rows

Which bike has best road grip?

List of top 10 popular bikes for long road trips in India
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. ...
  • Harley Davidson SuperLow. ...
  • Bajaj Dominar 400. ...
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan. ...
  • Jawa Perak. ...
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. ...
  • Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT. Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT. ...
  • Mahindra Mojo XT 300. Mahindra Mojo XT 300.
23 Nov 2020

Which bike is good for rough roads?

The most popular products under this bracket are the Royal Enfield Himalayan (Rs. 2.53 Lakh), BMW G 310 GS (Rs. 3.49 Lakh) and BMW R 1250 GS Adventure (Rs. 23.73 Lakh) (all prices on-road).

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