What can I expect from a Thai yoga massage? (2023)

What can I expect from a Thai yoga massage?

For a Thai massage, the client usually lies on the floor. A licensed massage therapist will slowly work the client's body through various stretches. The therapist may use their hands, knees, legs, or feet to help manipulate the person's body into different positions.

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What should I expect at my first Thai massage?

Your therapist will focus on every area of your body, using point pressure, stretching techniques, and yoga. He or she will apply these techniques using the hands, feet, knees or elbows, depending on the need and desired effect.

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What is a Thai yoga massage?

A Thai Yoga Massage stimulates pressure points to open the body's energy pathways and allows the body to heal. It's a more active type of massage with different yoga poses which allow for a deeper stretch. This technique differs from a traditional massage but has many benefits to help heal your body.

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How would you describe Thai massage?

Thai massage is a form of therapeutic touch that differs in many ways from traditional massage. Instead of a massage table, you lie on a mat on the floor while the provider manipulates your body in certain ways to stimulate organs and improve flexibility. Thai massage is part of traditional Thai medicine.

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What does a full body Thai massage consist of?

Thai massage is always a full body treatment because it is holistic. You will usually begin lying on your back and the therapist will start at your feet. The treatment involves the therapist pressing up and down the body along the Sen lines using her palms, thumbs, forearms and knees.

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How do I prepare for a Thai massage?

You are taking massage for the first time?
  1. Eat something 1h before massage at the latest, eat some fresh fruits or collation.
  2. Drink more tea or water, avoid coffee, don't drink alcohol.
  3. Make some home-stretching – made before massage reduce pain after it.

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What do you wear for a massage?

Wear what you want

Massage therapists can accommodate any level of disrobing. The end result should be for you to experience all the wellness benefits of your customized massage at a Massage Envy franchise location. Your level of dress is your choice and whatever you choose to wear.

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How often should you get Thai massage?

For overly contracted muscles, you can start with weekly visits for four to six weeks. If you have an acute condition such as a muscle strain or muscle spasms, you might want to consider two shorter Thai massages per week for four to six weeks.

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Does Thai massage include head?

Thai Massage Quick Facts

Body Parts treated: Back, gluteal muscles, legs (front and back), arms, head, and shoulders. Techniques Used: The therapist will apply the massage with the hands and feet. No oils or creams are used, pressure is applied all along the energy lines in the body.

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What is the purpose of Thai massage?

What is Thai Massage? - YouTube

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Should you eat before a Thai massage?

Thai massage has some active elements, so it's best if you arrive on an empty stomach, similar to if you were attending an exercise class. 'When you come for a Thai massage you must not eat one hour before the massage,' says Greene. 'During the massage, for best results you should breath deeply in and out.

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What do you do after a Thai massage?

Following your massage, do a few gentle stretches on your own. This helps release muscle tension, improve flexibility, and improve circulation. It's also a great way to tune into your body, alleviate stress, and quiet your mind.

What can I expect from a Thai yoga massage? (2023)
Is Thai massage better than deep tissue?

For example, if you have been struggling with muscle pain, tension, and knots, then a deep tissue massage is ideal. However, for your general health, improved movement and joint relief, including a number of other benefits, Thai massage is the way forward.

Is Thai massage good for sciatica?

Massage, particularly Thai Massage, is excellent in therapeutic treatment for sciatica. Not only does the massage help to loosen up the muscles, but the stretching component of Thai Massage helps to increase flexibility and mobility around the sciatic nerve areas.

What should you not do during a massage?

What NOT to Say / Do with Your Massage Therapist
  • Ask your massage therapist to go see a movie / come to your house / etc. ...
  • Excessive noises. ...
  • Comment on our looks/attractiveness. ...
  • Poke your head out of the room to let us know you're ready. ...
  • Start undressing while we are still in the room. ...
  • Touch us.
Jul 3, 2020

Does Thai massage release toxins?

Massage can increase endorphins, blood circulation, and immune functions. This is also a fact: Massage does not remove toxins that are stored in the body. It is important that massage therapists debunk this age-old myth and educate their clients on the true benefits of massage.

Can Thai massage help lose weight?

It focus on those body parts, which need slimming, but to maintain body balance, also other parts of the body are massaged. This massage regenerates muscles and joints, reduces adipose tissue and helps with cellulite reduction and with skin firming.

How long is Thai massage?

In Thailand you will often find traditional massage treatments lasting two hours or more, but there is only a little demand for two hour treatments in the London, and most therapists (including us at Thai Kosai) offer 30-90 minute treatments.

How much is a massage in Thailand?

Massage in Thailand - Types, Prices, Quality & scams you may avoid ...

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