What is the problem with the BS6 Himalayan? (2023)

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What is the problem with the BS6 Himalayan?

Several owners of the BS6 Royal Enfield Himalayan had complained about a stalling problem. Several owners of the BS6 Royal Enfield Himalayan had complained about a stalling problem. This usually happened when the dual-sport motorbike was at the lower end of the rev range.

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What is the problem with Royal Enfield Himalayan?

Not very high marks, at least for earlier Himalayan models, although it does have to be said that Royal Enfield has reacted quickly to recurrent problems in order to fix them. Overall build quality was very poor at first, so if you are buying used (2019, 2020, and 2021 models) then bear this in mind.

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How often to change engine oil for Himalayan BS6?

The Himalayan is a thumper without the thump.

The bike has sacrificed the engine's thump for some better things. Like a 10,000 kms oil change interval, which is the highest on a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

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How to solve Himalayan heating problem?

Himalayan should not heat up that much as it is not a high revving engine. You can easily cut through traffic at low rpms with that low end torque. Try to keep those rpms low in case you rev it much.

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What are the cons of a BS6 engine?

The sulfur levels are acidic and only make it worse for your engine with extensive use. Apart from the engine, it is harmful to consume sulfur as well. This can result in respiratory problems in humans.

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What are the disadvantages of BS6 engine?

BS6 fuel has five times less sulphur content in comparison to BS4 fuel. This could cause issues to the fuel injector over the long run due to lack of lubrication, leading to a faster rate of wear.

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Does the Royal Enfield Himalayan overheat?

The Himalayan's engine is prone to heating up a bit. One of the attributes causing this is the stock RE engine oil which I didn't like at all. I switched to Amsoil and the heating was reduced a bit. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to take care.

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Is Himalayan a high maintenance bike?

Simple & logical. Between 60 paisa to 1.10/- per KM on an Average. ( including servicing, Oil change, tyre Change (after 18,000 to 25,000 km, Clutch cable, brake cable, Airfilter )60 Paisa to 90 paise per KM - for occasional use for the Long ride, Tour or Off-RoadAbove Re 1 - If you include intensive City ride.

Why Royal Enfield is high maintenance?

Bullets have high maintenance cost:

You must be asking why? Well, because the whole thing is hand-made and takes time. Bullets have high maintenance cost: As if the bad mileage wasn't enough to burn a hole in your pocket, Bullets have a very high maintenance cost and the parts come in after a long wait.

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What is the highest mileage of Himalayan bs6?

The mileage of Royal Enfield Himalayan is 39.96 kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Himalayan. The claimed ARAI mileage of Himalayan Petrol Manual is 39.96 kmpl.

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What is the real mileage of Himalayan bs6?

Himalayan Average
ARAI certified mileage31 kmpl
Owner reported mileage30 kmpl

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Why is my bike engine getting hot so fast?

If your engine has too little fuel or too much air in the mixture, the engine may overheat. This situation generally slows down the ignition and prolongs the combustion, resulting in overheating of the components. To prevent a lean setup, you should ensure the mixture is properly mixed—a balanced air and fuel mixture.

What is the problem with the BS6 Himalayan? (2023)
How do I know if my bike engine is overheating?

Apart from noticing extremely hot air around the engine, typical symptoms of an overheating engine include a decrease in engine power, a smelly engine which may sometimes emit smoke, a knocking engine, and in worst cases, a seized engine which will not start or run.

What are the problems with BS6?

The major problem with driving at full throttle is poor combustion in case of small engine sizes and bad turbochargers. Full throttle = poor combustion = more soot. The same can be observed in uphill driving conditions, when engines are at full throttle combined with less air you get a lot of black smoke.

Are BS6 engines reliable?

The new BS6 compliant vehicles are surely cleaner than the old BS4 vehicles they'll not face any major problems. The BS6 emission norms have several changes especially the new BS6 fuel all the cars will be running on. Especially the new BS6 diesel have undergone a transformation as compared to the old BS4 fuel.

Is BS6 engine good?

If a BS6 motor uses the BS4 fuel, the emission norms stand violated. Therefore, a BS6 engine must use the BS6 fuel. When you compare the BS4 vs BS6 engine, the BS6 engine is considered the best as it increases the longevity of the BS6 engine and the car.

Which fuel is best for BS6 engine?

BS6 vehicles can be driven on both normal and a bit more refined petrol which we call BS6 fuel nowadays. The BS6 fuel has sulphur content equal to 10mg/kg while the BS4 grade fuel has sulphur content equal to 50mg/kg.

Why is BS6 bikes slower?

Why is this happening, and why didn't we see anything as dramatic during the switch from BS3 to BS4? The reason is because BS6 demands a huge step up in terms of emissions control, so much so that nearly every manufacturer has had to switch from carburettors to the more finely controllable fuel-injection (FI) systems.

Which fuel is better for BS6 engine?

A BS6 vehicle using BS4 fuel will not adhere to the required emission norms due to higher levels. Hence, a BS6 vehicle has to use only BS6 fuel to achieve the desired emission levels.

Is Himalayan BS6 heavy?

As mentioned, the Himalayan BS6 has gained 4kg and now tips the scales at 199kg! If you are a beginner, then you might take some time to get used to this much weight.

Is Himalayan BS6 fuel injected?

The bike employs electronic fuel injection and the engine is mated to a 5-speed constant mesh transmission.

Is Himalayan BS6 oil cooled?

Himalayan Specs, Features and Price

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is powered by a 411 cc air-cooled engine which produces 24.31 PS @ 6500 rpm of power. It has a fuel tank of 15+/- 0.5 L and a claimed mileage of 32.04 kmpl. The Royal Enfield Himalayan starts at Rs 2.16 and goes up to Rs 2.28 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

What is the best cruising speed for Himalayan bs6?

Power output alone is not what makes a good engine. Properly mating the transmission with available power goes a long way in getting the most from your output. The five-speed transmission does this very well and can sustain a 65 to 70 mph cruising quite comfortably.

Is Himalayan good for long ride?

Very comfortable on both off road and in road rides including long rides. Value for money.

What is the best mileage speed of Himalayan?


Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 mileage is 30 kmpl (approximate). In terms of performance, the 411cc adventure motorcycle can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 12.27 seconds. Royal Enfield Himalayan top speed is 140 kmph (speedo-indicated).

What are the disadvantages of Royal Enfield?

Cons of Classic 350

The 22 kg more weight makes it a bit slower in overall top speed terms. Royal Enfield is actually not known for figures like top speed or acceleration but lowering its weight from some parts could provide an even better ride quality in the coming times.

What is the average life of Royal Enfield engine?

It all depends on how you keep your vehicle, well maintained one will come 10 years of riding. Mine almost 30k kms, haven't found any issues yet. but if you see older bullets its almost evident that it wont breakdown like other bikes. I do believe with maintenance you can push it up to 10 years without any issues.

Is Royal Enfield good for long distance?

Do not do any modifications to seat because seat is good and if you want to try Air cushion seat you can try but it doesn't have much effect but only reduce your Hip and thigh pain. Yes. You can take it any distance you wish to go. It won't be heating or retiring up or making you tired riding it.

Which color is best in Himalayan BS6?

While the BS4 Himalayan was always available in black, Royal Enfield has tweaked the shade a bit for the BS6 version. And we must say the grey highlight on the side panel and on the fuel tank looks amazing. If you are one of those people who like to play it safe, then Granite Black is the colour to go for.

How can I increase my Himalayan BS6 mileage?

Getting 26 , tried 4-5 times and it goes easily 260 km for first 10 litre , it's better to fill up the tank don't wait to consume each and every drop of oil. Better fill as soon as you get a low fuel indication may be you can avoid for some 40-50 km ,better have some 2-3 litre all the time.

Which fuel is best for Himalayan?

Most of the vehicles in India use regular petrol and it works just fine.
Royal Enfield Himalayan Variants.
VariantEx-Showroom Price
Himalayan Gravel GreyRs. 2.15 Lakh
Himalayan Pine GreenRs. 2.22 Lakh
Himalayan Dune BrownRs. 2.22 Lakh
Himalayan Glacier BlueRs. 2.28 Lakh
2 more rows

Is Himalayan BS4 better than BS6?

BS6 Himalayan is better compared to BS4 as BS6 was built after considering the complaints and issues mentioned in BS4 model. And I've seen many BS4 owners complaining about suspension issue which was rectified in BS6.

How much horsepower does Himalayan BS6 have?

24.31 PS @ 6500 rpm

Does Himalayan BS6 have abs?

The new Himalayan comes with switchable ABS feature while retaining the original features. "The Himalayan is a distinctive adventure tourer which has performed admirably well, both in India and international markets.

Which Royal Enfield bike gives best mileage?

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 offers the best mileage bike of any Royal Enfield model, with 27 km/l.

What is the BHP of Himalayan BS6?

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is powered by 411cc BS6 engine which develops a power of 24.3 bhp and a torque of 32 Nm. With both front and rear disc brakes, Royal Enfield Himalayan comes up with anti-locking braking system.

How many gears does a Himalayan BS6 have?

5 Speed

What temp is too hot for a motorcycle?

For most motorcycles, an operational temperature range of 155F / 68C to 220F / 104C is normal. Living in hotter or colder climates will adjust the range somewhat, as will the condition of your bike and its cooling system. A good rule of thumb for temperatures: Warming Up: Up to 130F / 55C.

Which is better air-cooled or liquid cooled?

According to Mark Gallina, liquid cooling more “efficiently distributes heat over more convection surface area (radiator) than pure conduction, allowing for reduced fan speeds (better acoustics) or higher total power.” In other words, it's more efficient, and often quieter.

What are 10 common causes of overheating?

Common reasons for overheating engines
  • Too little or no coolant. Driving without proper levels of coolant/antifreeze may cause a coolant system failure. ...
  • Cooling system leaks. ...
  • A broken water pump. ...
  • Radiator issues. ...
  • Oil too low. ...
  • Thermostat failure. ...
  • Issues with the belts and hoses. ...
  • Heater core is plugged up.

Can I pour water on my bike engine to cool it down?

Pouring water on your bike engine is not typically recommended and could potentially cause more damage than good. As a result, there are other alternative methods of cooling the engine that can be utilized instead. One such method is to use an oil cooler.

How do I stop my engine from getting hot?

How to handle engine overheating
  1. Turn off the air conditioning. This reduces the strain on your engine and can help it get regulated.
  2. Crank the heater and fan up to full blast. ...
  3. Top off the coolant cooling system with antifreeze or water. ...
  4. Rev it up. ...
  5. Pull over. ...
  6. Be prepared. ...
  7. Check coolant level. ...
  8. Watch your temperature gauge.

Which Mobil is best for bike?

Mobil Special™ 4T 20W-50 is a high performance mineral oil for four-stroke motorcycle engines, designed primarily for general use in many types of motorcycles and four-stroke engines.

How do you know if your bike needs coolant?

On all bikes with a header tank, there will be a full and low mark. With the bike standing upright on flat ground, the level shown should ideally be halfway between the two or slightly higher. If it is getting close to the low mark, you may need to add extra coolant.

How do I know if my bike has engine problems?

Engine Failure: 10 Warning Signs You Must NEVER Ignore
  • Check Engine Light. Check Engine Light. ...
  • Smoke From Exhaust. ...
  • Frequent Overheating. ...
  • Engine Knocking. ...
  • Decreased Fuel Economy. ...
  • Engine Stall At Idle. ...
  • Rough Idle. ...
  • Oil Patches.
Oct 6, 2020

How do I know if my bike is air cooled?

These bikes can be distinguished by their radiator, usually situated behind the front wheel, and the lack of fins on the engine block, and they are usually quieter too. Air cooled engines dissipate the heat through heavy fins on the cylinders and have a much wider operating temperature.

Is Himalayan BS6 compliant?

Powering the new updated Himalayan is a BS6-compliant engine-and-exhaust setup. The 411cc, single-cylinder now produces 24.3hp (down from 24.5hp). Torque, meanwhile, remains the same at 32Nm.

What is the reported mileage of Himalayan BS6 owner?

The mileage of Royal Enfield Himalayan is 39.96 kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Himalayan. The claimed ARAI mileage of Himalayan Petrol Manual is 39.96 kmpl.

Is BS6 engine failure?

The BS6 update has given the bike a larger motor, while retaining the dynamics of the older bike. With its reliable engine, it remains a well-rounded motorcycle.

Does Himalayan BS6 have kick start?

It has self-start (kick start) or electric start - Himalayan? Only electric start.

What is the best cruising speed for Himalayan BS6?

Power output alone is not what makes a good engine. Properly mating the transmission with available power goes a long way in getting the most from your output. The five-speed transmission does this very well and can sustain a 65 to 70 mph cruising quite comfortably.

What is the maximum power of Himalayan BS6?

Royal Enfield Himalayan Specifications
Mileage (City)32.04 kmpl
No. of Cylinders1
Max Power24.31 PS @ 6500 rpm
Max Torque32 Nm @ 4000 - 4500 rpm
Front BrakeDisc
5 more rows

What is the engine power of Himalayan BS6?

Full Specifications Of Royal Enfield Himalayan
Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, 4 stroke, Air cooled, SOHC
Engine Displacement411 cc
Max Power24.31 PS @ 6500 rpm
Emission Typebs6
Max Torque32 Nm @ 4000 - 4500 rpm
7 more rows

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